movie Geometric accuracy
Multitasking Lathe

¥ 30,000,000 (excl.VAT)

¥ 2,400,000 (VAT)

¥ 32,400,000 (incl.VAT)

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No BN1800050001
model NT4250DCG/1500S manufacturer MORI SEIKI CO., LTD.
year 2012 place Miyoshi Resource Center Aichi
FANUC F31iA5 ATC40 Capto C6
Maximum swing φ730 Max machining dia φ660 Max machining length 1542
Stroke (XYZB) 750×±210×1550×±120°
1st Spindle 4000rpm 12inch 3jaw Hollow Kitagawa Bore Diameter φ91
2nd Spindle 4000rpm 10inch 3jaw Hollow Kitagawa Bore Diameter φ91
Tool spindle 12000rpm B-axis (Tool spindle) Indexing 0.0001°
Tool Through-Spindle
Chip Conveyer
Touch Sensor System Renishaw OMP60 Tool presetter
Geometric accuracy

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