movie Geometric accuracy
Double Column type Machining Center

¥ 29,000,000 (excl.VAT)

¥ 2,900,000 (VAT)

¥ 31,900,000 (incl.VAT)

* Prices are for provision as-is basis at the respective locations.

No B21800123001
model MCR-A25×50E manufacturer OKUMA CORPORATION
year 2000 place Miyoshi Resource Center Aichi
OSP U100M ATC50 BT50 (MAS2)
Gate Width 2550 table 2000×5000
3000rpm Indexing 15°pitch
Stroke (X,Y,Z,W) 5000×3000×650×1000
cross positioning 10 point
program store 2560m
tapp Inclined plane processing function

Geometric accuracy

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