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NC Lathe

¥ 11,500,000 (excl.VAT)

¥ 1,150,000 (VAT)

¥ 12,650,000 (incl.VAT)

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No B21700070001
model NTX(S) manufacturer Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry
year 2004 place Hidaka Resource Center Saitama
NC:FANUC16i-TB V12 (under saddle)
Main Spindle4500rpm Sub Spindle4500rpm
Main/Sub 8inch 3jaw (hollow) (B208)
Max machining dia×length φ390×1100 Milling Holder 3600rpm
Stroke (X1,Z1,Y) 630×1150×169 CAPTO C6
Stroke (X2.Z2.B2) 255×375×1150 ATC 80
Up saddle 1spindle tool rest 8000rpm Indexing 0.001
Indexing of B-axis 230° straight holder 8
Lift-up Conveyer Cross holder with 2
CAPTO Tool 30
Geometric accuracy

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