About Transactions

Before conducting transactions, please confirm the following information.

<ATTENTION>~To foreign customers~

In the case that buyers overseas would carry your purchased products from Japan to foreign countries, please let us know who(a forwarder located in Japan and its representative are required) will be in charge of shipping.
If you would not find or appoint any forwarders, we are ready to introduce a forwarder to you.

Stock Information

Please understand that information and photographs of stock may be inaccurate. In cases of discrepancy from the actual item, the actual item takes precedence. Please understand that stock information may be updated at any time, and an item listed as available may have already been sold.

Sales Contracts

Sales of items are subject to a Machine Sale Contract specified by U-MACHINE Inc.


Payment for items is to be made by electronic bank transfer not later than one day before the delivery date. Please note that we do not accept drafts or checks. Any transfer fees are to be borne by the customer.

Product Examination and Test Operation

If you wish to conduct on-site examination or test operation at our premises, please contact us in advance by telephone. Please understand that we may be unable to accommodate such requests when no prior appointment has been made.


Because items are used, they are all provided as-is, with no warranty whatsoever. No returns are accepted. Whenever possible, please examine the actual product before purchase, which is at the responsibility of the customer.

Liability for Defects

Because items are used, we assume no liability for defects. Accordingly, customers cannot seek reduction or exemption of purchase charges, compensation for damages, or contract cancellation.


For shipping, customers are requested to conduct the preparations for carry-out (lubrication, set-down, procurement of clamps and tools, clamping operations, packing, etc.).


Item charges does not include loading, transportation, or installation charges. Hoists, cables, and the like are also to be provided by the customer.

Product Liability Act

Please recognize that with respect to our products, U-MACHINE Inc. does not correspond to the "manufacturer, etc." as set forth in article 2, item 3 of Japan' Product Liability Act.

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act

The export of products from U-MACHINE Inc. that correspond to strategic materials or technology under Japan's Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act requires the permission of the Japanese government (or the government of the country of origin). Also, in the case of the sale of such products to a third party, the intention must be communicated in writing to the third party as well, and sale will be refused in the case of export that may conflict with the law.